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Learn how to be the kind of teacher that changes lives with the Tribe Method   

Teacher Training

What if your musical training could inspire students to find their own musical magic?

You and I know how important and magical music is. So why would we teach it in a way that is anything less than magical? 


To be magical teachers of the magic of music, we need to: Be Inspired. Stop “teaching” and start “inspiring” an authentic, professional, confident, unique and fun self into the process.


Redefine every bias you have picked up through your own musical training. What's a "good student," or a "successful musician," or "prodigy," or "talented?" No more default assumptions about what it means to: Be Perfect


Use the 5 senses, body language, and active listening to tune into what students really want and what’s really important to them. In other words, Be a Psychic


Then Be a Coyote. Learn to bypass students’ mental barriers by teaching like a sneaky coyote, in a way that students don’t realize they are being taught! 


Music isn’t all serious and boring and neither are you. So, go ahead, Be a Kook. Let’s go crazy, then watch how fast your students grow! 

              You Will Learn


  • How to teach from a place of Inspiration


  • How to support new students through their first 5 lessons


  • How to entice students past their first major plateau


  • The art of teaching through storytelling, and ridiculousness!


  • How to prepare and support students for their first performances/gigs


  • and more…

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While Bronwen has a great appreciation and gratitude for the 18 years of classical violin lessons she received, it became apparent, as she taught her own students, from the time she was 17, that the traditional way was not necessarily the best way. 

Attending Loyola University, New Orleans, her study of music therapy, with some courses in music education, in addition to her own violin studies, reinforced a regimented and incremental approach to teaching that didn’t speak to her. Following her mother’s advice to “find a professor you like and take everything they offer,” Bronwen realized that learning was better when based on human relationships rather than exercises and text books, though she didn’t know how to articulate that awareness at the time. 

That awareness became the first building blocks of her teaching style. Preach! Inspired Music Teacher Training is packed with all the wisdom, experience and expertise from Bronwen’s many years of teaching, as well as her own trainings and certifications in Tae Kwon Do, T.E.S.O.L.(Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), Forrest Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training and Certification, Centered City 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Certification with D'ana Baptiste, Byron Katie’s 9 Day School, Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, Dr Lisa Cooney’s R.O.A.R. weekend , Megan Sillito's "Live Your Magic" weekend, lots of yoga retreats, talking with homeless people and being a person with high personal standards seeking more for her life .

Tribe Studio, South Salt Lake

(address available upon registration)

2021 Dates:

​              January 15, 16, 17


Cost $350

To register or to ask questions contact

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