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Beaton's Delight - Salty Frogs
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Bronwen Beecher, the Fiddle Preacher's Celtic Rock Band, “Salty Frogs” is being resurrected in Summer, 2019 (Zombie Frogs??) to rock harder, and create more hopping fun than ever before. This former SLC SXSW finalist band with an award-winning album, has been upgraded in musicianship and stage finesse and has the same swag and energy as ever. Watch out for high octane electric fiddling, well-crafted and epic original songs and a thunderous beat making up Salty Frogs...reloaded.

Now, more than ever, Salty Frogs is a band worth their Salt.

Immigrant Girl - Salty Frogs
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Wingstock - Salty Frogs
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Daniel LeBlanc tune - Salty Frogs
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Notice: All Salty Frogs performances have been postponed due to public safety concerns with covid-19. Please check our

Facebook page for occasional

livestream performances! 

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