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Welcome to Tribe Music Community!

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Offering private and group lessons in violin, fiddle, voice, and guitar,  Tribe Music Community focuses on the lifelong enjoyment of music. As a "Tribester," you will experience Tribe events, group classes, workshops, and quarterly "jam recitals." 

Please visit to learn more and sign up for a free intro lesson!

“Bronwen Beecher’s love of and expertise at teaching this student may only be surpassed by her determination and joy at being able to bring out the best in me. She has helped me break down roadblocks that have stopped me from enjoying playing music for years because I just wasn’t good enough. Bronwen removed all of the guilt and angst I have been feeling most of my musical life. I have taken violin lessons from Bronwen for the past 2 years and have loved every minute (maybe not every song, but every minute.) I am now taking voice lessons and her method of teaching is effective and so much fun. In three weeks Bronwen has helped me feel comfortable with my voice and myself. I sang a song just last week that even I didn’t think was half bad! She has recognized and encouraged talent I never knew I had. She has a unique style that I have not come with a word for yet.” 


Is it time to let your music change your life?

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